Northern Ireland Information
2006 Irish Racing Calendar
Photos of my Yamaha YZF R6
Closed to Club Meeting
Saturday 13th March 2004
Practice & Race Action Photos
** N.B. I do not have the names of all the competitors **
Not a good start to the season! Trevor Ferguson Richard Ryan Des Nally
Darren Gilpin John McAndrew Exiting the chicken run Maurice Hogg with a very scared piggy on board!
Alex's new leathers 125 action with David Haire
125 Action Michael Dunlop David Haire Matthew Percy
Iain Simpson Alex Donaldson Trevor Ferguson & Paul Cranston
Derek Shields Alex Donaldson Paul Cranston Christopher Price Alan Brown
Brian Hilton William Dunlop Dwyer Agnew, John McAndrew & Ian Morrell
Sam Dunlop Paul Laverty Iain Simpson Alistair Seeley Lindsay Sweeper Action
Philip Drennan John McAndrew Aaron Davidson Lindsay Sweeper Action
Steven Clarke Robin Bond Alan Brown

09 JULY 2006

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