Northern Ireland Information
2006 Irish Racing Calendar
Photos of my Yamaha YZF R6
Ulster Grand Prix
Race Day
Saturday 13th August 2005
Race Action Photos
Cameron Donald Team Vitrans : Richard Britton & MArtin Finnegan John McGuinness Go BIG Guy! Jason Griffiths
John McGuinness Ian Lougher ready for rain! Paul Cranston (sleeping??!) Lauren Barry Maguire
Ryan John McGuinness Messing as usual Richard?! Mr Keith Stewart Richard Britton
Lauren and Ryan They're Off! Guy Martin Off down the flying kilo! Cameron Donald
John McGuinness Ryan Farquhar Cameron Donald Axel Rauch Ian Lougher
Keith Stewart James McBride Mark Parrett BIG H Mark Buckley
Rob I'Anson Martin Finnegan Guy MArtin Cameron Donald Bruce Anstey
Ian Lougher @ Wheelers Guy Martin Jason Griffiths Ryan Farquhar Richard Britton
Ryan Farquhar Donald, Martin, Finnegan Keith Stewart Geoff Downey McGuinness leads the 600's
Cameron, with the 600's tucked behind Victor Gilmore

Lougher with an outbraking manoeuvre!


Almost touching and a darkie on the road!
Touching?!! Stephen Thompson Davy Morgan Nigel Beattie
Callum Ramsey Beattie and Dunlop Callum Ramsey John McGuinness Norman Rank
Darren Burns Paul Owen Dunlop ahead of Rank Martin Finnegan Ian Lougher
Martin ahead of Farquhar Archibald and Hutchinson Gary Carswell Richard Britton McGuinness and Lougher
Ryan Farquhar Farquhar leads through the rain Cameron ahead of McGuinness Martin Finnegan Jun Maeda
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