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2006 Irish Racing Calendar
Photos of my Yamaha YZF R6
Aaron Davidson (Nutts Corner)
Darran Lindsay (Aghadowey)
Gary Carswell (Isle of Man TT)
Guy Martin (North West 200)
Martin Finnegan (North West 200)
John Anderton (Aghadowey)
Liam Quinn (Tandragee 100)
Mick Haddock (Nutts Corner)
Darren Gilpin (Aghadowey)
Richard Britton (Cookstown 100)
Gerry O'Suillivan (Skerries Road Races)


There are many motorcycle images out there on various websites and it’s not always possible to determine the quality of each image by looking at small web optimised samples in a photogallery. With this fact in mind, I have decided to make seventeen high resolution sample images of my photography available for examination.

You might be asking yourself the question,
“Why should I use any of the services provided by Sam’s Roadracing?” Well, only you can answer that question and the best way that I can help you arrive at your answer is by letting my photography speak for me.

The seventeen high resolution sample images available in this gallery have been captured by me over the past year at different circuits both road and track and in various conditions, so they should give you a good idea as to the overall standard of my photography. Obviously, no two photos will be identical in terms of sharpness, colour, composition, as conditions will differ in each photograph, so that should give you an even platform on which to base your decision.

Quality Control

I have invested only in the best Canon L series lenses, as image quality from these are far superior to any other lens available, they are not cheap, but you get what you pay for and this can be seen in terms of quality, contrast and the sharpness of images they produce. Obviously, the skill of the photographer plays a big part in the equation too!

I personally inspect each photograph that forms part of the photo galleries on my site. I examine each individual image in areas of quality, composition and sharpness. Any image which doesn’t reach my high standard isn’t used. When I examine my digital images, I always put myself in the customer’s position and ask myself the question,
“If I were offered this photograph, would I be happy with the quality of it?” If the answer is “no”, then it goes straight into the recycle bin, I wouldn’t offer you anything that I wouldn’t be happy with myself and my expectations are very high.

Copyright Warning

I’m providing these sample digital images in good faith, please do not abuse it. Do not try to remove any of my website or sample image banners, edit or modify the images in any way. Each image is protected digitally, so do not reproduce any of these images anywhere else either commercially in printed form or on any other website. I have the ability to track my own images and be warned I surf other bike websites and any copyright infringements will be enforced!

If you have any comments, questions, feedback, or would like to order these or any other images, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Sean Leonard (Skerries Road Races)
Jeff Shaw (Skerries Road Races)
Alex Donaldson (Skerries Road Races)
Ryan Farquhar (Dundalk Road Races 2003)
Yarno Holland (Tandragee 100)
Trevor Ritchie (Tandragee 100)

09 JULY 2006

FREE Wallpaper 2006 IOM TT Races